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destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge

Only a fool would reason that everything that has happened to society in the past 12 months is normal or acceptable.It is obvious to even a casual bystander that there are many very sinister things going on in this season of fruit-flavoured fascism. Paul plainly warns us that our fight will be against principalities, against powers,Continue reading “destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge”

Certified, or convicted?

There is nothing new under the sun. [Ecclesiastes 1:9] 250 AD, the Emperor Decius issued a decree demanding that everyone in the Roman Empire must perform a ritual sacrifice to the Roman gods.These sacrifices had to be witnessed by a Roman magistrate, who confirmed completion of the ritual with a certificate.(Only Jews were exempt from thisContinue reading “Certified, or convicted?”

God, and ice-cream

My friend Will at Glastry makes very good ice-cream.Perhaps once a month we buy a tub of Will’s ice-cream, and WHOOP it’s all gone within minutes in a delicious frenzy of over-indulgence! This week my Claire bought lots of ice-cream that filled a whole shelf of our freezer compartment.What is very interesting is that there is stillContinue reading “God, and ice-cream”

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