Brian: a reasonably tall and sort of scruffy son of Ulster who sometimes sits long enough to write stuff inspired by circumstance, curiosity, and conviction.

but if not, published January 2022
Kircubbin (and hereabouts), published August 2019
Bible Nuts & Bolts, published April 2017
成功企业的销售和营销秘笈, published April 2013
Raising a Smile, published May 2012
The Broncle, published November 2011
Alzheimer’s Timeline, published October 2011
Prepare Yourself For China, published August 2011
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none good, but one

As I write this, it is just a few hours since the 100th anniversary of the murder attempt of my natural father on July 11th, 1922.
Walking home alone along a remote country road late at night, he was shot at point-blank range by a waiting gunman.

a season of pride

Heading home from work in New York, I was walking the mile-or-so from West 46th Street across to Grand Central Terminal.  However, my journey was interrupted by a large crowd gathered at 5th Avenue because of a very noisy and flamboyant Gay Pride Carnival passing down its length as far as I could see in both directions.  And I have to admit, if ever there was pride in being LGBT or Q, this parade was shockingly, exuberantly, and boastfully so.

such a time

Ahasuerus was a weak king, easily led by cunning advisors;
And Haman was a cunning advisor to the weak king.
You could argue that things haven’t changed much across the millennia: that we have presidents and prime ministers who are not fit for office, but who are led to make decisions based on spurious information that only benefits those who provide it.