Brexit NI !

Being Northern Irish used to be a bit of a disadvantage, one way or another.
But being Northern Irish now means that I am a:-

  • A full citizen of the United Kingdom
  • A full citizen of the Republic of Ireland
  • And consequently, a full citizen of the European Union.

I find myself in a position of unique opportunities and potential.
I now enjoy freedom of movement in and out of Great Britain, because I am British.
And I enjoy full freedom of movement in and out of the European Union, because I am Irish.

If my business wants to sell goods to Great Britain, I can do so without tariffs because Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.
And if my business wants to sell goods to the European Union, I can do so without tariffs, because Northern Irish businesses can avoid the new Brexit border checks; I can easily ship my products from Rosslare and into wider Europe without any new paperwork or checks.

If I want to fly from Northern Ireland to Europe on my holidays, I can wave my Irish passport at the other side and walk straight through the EU citizens’ fast lane at the airport, thereby avoiding immigration and customs checks.
And if I want to return from my European holidays via London, I can wave my UK passport at Heathrow Airport and walk straight through the UK citizens’ fast lane at the airport, thereby avoiding immigration and customs checks.

This whole Brexit thing appears to be one long step closer to a united Ireland.
However, a united Ireland has always been inevitable due to breeding.
Within the next generation the nationalist community will have naturally reproduced and raised more voters than the unionist community.
A fair democratic election will leave the unionists in a minority.
A united Ireland was always just a matter of being patient enough to grow a democratic majority.

Will there be bother ahead?
It depends if we’re bothered, I guess.
Tony Blair clearly demonstrated that if you give the Northern Irish people prosperity, they’ll have too much to lose to risk rocking the boat.

The dilemma for the unionist community will be:-
Do I want to be Irish, and prosperous and see my children thrive?
Or, do I want to be British and risk the prospect of poverty and potentially bleak prospects for my children?
Because Great Britain has already made Northern Ireland an outsider with that phantom border in the Irish Sea, which will be exacerbated when the smuggling starts, (I mean, smuggling goods to and from EU and GB through NI is a no-brainer – entrepreneurs, prepare the get rich quick).
The only way GB will deal with smuggling through Northern Ireland will be to enforce tighter ‘border’ controls between Britain and Northern Ireland, which will make Northern Ireland even more dependant on the Republic of Ireland.
Can you see what’s happening here?
I’m not saying it’ll be a good or a bad thing: I’m just saying, don’t say you weren’t told!

In the mean time of course, there may be a lot of political uncertainty, because that is what those folk seem to thrive on.
Our local assembly has demonstrated itself to be an embarrassment of self-serving self-righteous suits, more interested to be seen to be working than actually doing anything useful for their electorate.  Their inexcusable three-year huff (broken just in time to receive a pay-rise), says it all: I mean, they could work together to create the monumental Belfast Agreement, which was far more challenging than dealing with a cock-up with some basic mental maths.

What is the future for Northern Ireland because of Brexit?

It’s what we make it!
Because we can either exploit the advantages to make it the best opportunity for growth and prosperity this country will ever enjoy,…
Or we can let our politicians ‘cac’ it all up, as usual.

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