Asa and the vaccine

There are a lot of persuasive opinions regarding a mandatory coronavirus/COVID-19 vaccination across the population.
Meditating on the debate about this vaccination issue, my mind is continually drawn to the reign of King Asa of Judah.

The rise and fall of King Asa

[2 Chronicles chapters 14-16]

King Asa made a lot of positive changes as soon as he began to rule Judah.
King Asa ordered the complete destruction of pagan shrines and altars, and the smashing of symbolic pagan structures.
This spring-clean was pleasing and good in the sight of God, and the people of Judah were blessed.

Then, an Ethiopian army of 1,000,000 warriors with 300 chariots attacked Judah.
King Asa’s combined strength was only 580,000 warriors.
However, Asa put his trust in God, and the Ethiopian army was crushed; the army of Judah carried away a vast amount of plunder in the wake of the retreating Ethiopian hord.

Because they recognised God’s favour over them, the people of Judah made a promise to continually seek the Lord God with all their heart and soul.
And God responded to their commitment to him by blessing the land with peace.

There was no more war until the 35th year of King Asa’s reign.
Then, Israel invaded Judah.
In response to this aggression, King Asa took the silver and gold from the temple and palace treasuries to pay a bribe to King Ben-hadad who was ruling Damascus, to the north of Israel.
King Asa paid King Ben-hadad to invade Israel, thereby successfully distracting Israel from their attack on Judah!
However, as a result of King Asa’s ungodly alliance with King Ben-hanan, he was rebuked by a messenger of God who told him that if he had put his trust in God instead of man, with God as their strength Judah would have easily defeated Israel, and would have also have destroyed the armies of King Ben-hanad.
As a result of seeking strength in man instead of God, the kingdom of Judah did not enjoy peace, and was consequently continually at war with its neighbours.

Did you see what just happened there?
King Asa did not put his trust in God, as he had done when he was invaded by the much larger and better-equipped Ethiopian army.

King Asa put his trust in purchasing the military might of another king.
Why would he do that?
Especially after the promise that he and his people had previously committed to continually seek and honour God!

And then, four years later, King Asa took a severe disease in his feet.
And again, instead of turning to God for his help and healing, Asa only turned to his physicians.
King Asa suffered this disease for three years before he died of its consequences.

Are you like King Asa?

We can start our relationship with God with great enthusiasm, and realise wonderful benefits and blessings.
We can openly proclaim our faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, and be publicly baptised to demonstrate our obedience to God and his word.
We can truly enjoy living in the blessings of God.

And then something scary happens!
And we look to the world for a solution, even after we have enjoyed the real benefits of a strong relationship with God!

And then we have a health-scare!
And again, we look to the world for protection, like we never knew God, like we never really believed his truth about his healing and protection over us.

I don’t know why King Asa appears to have completely forgotten about his relationship with God.
King Asa seemed to do everything right,…
And then he just did everything wrong!
And he paid the ultimate consequences.

My strongest argument for not accepting a vaccination is that I would be following in the foolish footsteps of King Asa, which led to his destruction.

You either put your whole trust in God, or you don’t!
God isn’t just some sort of lucky charm that you keep in a dusty drawer for emergencies: God is your constant loving Father.

Do you want to enjoy the peace and blessings that a relationship with God will bring to your life?
Or do you want to rest your hope on the man-made short-term solutions of this world?

If the recent global health-scare has taught us anything, it is the fact that our politicians and scientists do not have all the answers.
I give it to you on the highest possible authority that the word of God does have all the answers.

Before you rush to get your vaccination, consider the blessings that God has offered you in his word, and ask yourself: Do I trust man before God, or do I trust God before man?

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