destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge

Only a fool would reason that everything that has happened to society in the past 12 months is normal or acceptable.
It is obvious to even a casual bystander that there are many very sinister things going on in this season of fruit-flavoured fascism.

Paul plainly warns us that our fight will be against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. [Ephesians 6:12]
And yet many church-goers appear to be oblivious to what’s going on right now!
This is nothing new, of course: “Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not.” [Isaiah 6:9]
The human heart would rather hear lies that bring comfort, than hear truths that bring conviction and cleansing.

What good is a watchman who doesn’t warn of danger?
This question is plainly answered twice in the book of Ezekiel, at 3:17-21, and 33:1-10
In a nutshell: God told Ezekiel that if a watchman sees danger coming, but fails to warn the people, that watchman is responsible for the deaths of all the people who could have taken action.
However, if the watchman sounds the warning of coming danger, and the people ignore his warning, that watchman will not be responsible for the consequences.

You are a watchman
(Whether you are ignored, or not) as a Christian, you have a responsibility.
Responsibility doesn’t just rest with church leaders; every Christian believer has the responsibility of a watchman.

Christians are expected to continue the good work that Jesus began here on earth.
We are salt and light
But if the salt has lost its saltiness, it is good for nothing. [Matthew 5:13]
The church (this means Christians everywhere) is supposed to be the light of the world. [Matthew 5:14]
We are supposed to let our light shine before men. [Matthew 5:14]
But the sad truth is, that many Christians are too quick to conform to the world, and hide their light under a bushel. [Matthew 5:15]

Hosea delivered a message from God that remains relevant for today: 
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,… [Hosea 4:6]

Now is a time to put on the full armour of God.
Don’t be content to live in ‘ignorant bliss.’
Don’t be as dim as a covered lamp.
Don’t be as useless as unsalty salt.
Sound the warning.
Be a worthy watchman.
And speak the truth in love.

2 Timothy 3:1-7 [from the Passion translation]
But you need to be aware that in the final days the culture of society will become extremely fierce and difficult for the people of God.
People will be self-centered lovers of themselves and obsessed with money.
They will boast of great things as they strut around in their arrogant pride and mock all that is right.

They will ignore their own families.
They will be ungrateful and ungodly.
They will become addicted to hateful and malicious slander.
Slaves to their desires, they will be ferocious, belligerent haters of what is good and right.
With brutal treachery, they will act without restraint, bigoted and wrapped in clouds of their conceit.
They will find their delight in the pleasures of this world more than the pleasures of the loving God.
They may pretend to have a respect for God, but in reality they want nothing to do with God’s power.
Stay away from people like these!
For they are the ones who worm their way into the hearts of vulnerable women, spending the night with those who are captured by their lusts and steeped in sin.
They are always learning but never discover the revelation-knowledge of truth.

Can you recognise any (or all) of that in respect of today’s society?
Well then, be a worthy watchman before it is too late for people to hear (and hopefully react) to the gospel truth.

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