Mary Ann McCracken, and the media

It is very disappointing the way the media uses its influence to hide meaning and truth.

There is much in the media just now about Mary Ann McCracken (1770 – 1866).
The Mary Ann McCracken Foundation has been established in her name to celebrate her life as a campaigner for civil liberties, and particularly her commitment to the abolition of slavery.
She was committed to key social liberties, including:-

  • Actively tackling poverty in society.
  • Promoting education for all children.
  • Raising funds to provide clothes and food for the Belfast Poorhouse.
  • Banning the practice of using small children to climb up chimneys to clean them.
  • And, (following the cause for which her brother was executed), her commitment to an Ireland free from the oppression of foreign landlords and foreign rule that suppressed civil and democratic rights, and that actively penalised the religious freedoms of the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic citizens of Ireland.

Even if the media can be bothered to research and include all of Mary Ann’s aspirations, so far as I can see they have all failed to answer Why!

  • Why was Mary Ann McCracken so strongly opposed to slavery?
  • Why was Mary Ann McCracken so strongly opposed to poverty?
  • Why was Mary Ann McCracken so strongly opposed to the neglect and abuse of children?
  • Why was Mary Ann McCracken so strongly opposed to persecuting political policies?


The reason for Mary Ann McCracken’s convictions is clearly described by Mary Ann herself in a letter that she wrote to Dr Madden some time around 1840:-

“Religion also should be called to aid the regeneration (if I may use the term) of our political as well as our social and individual character.
“Its Divine precepts are simple and easily comprehended—to do to others as we would wish others to do to us; to do no evil that good may come of it; to love our neighbour as ourselves, and to be guided by the parable of the good Samaritan, to consider all who are within reach of our kindness as our neighbours, however they may differ from us in our religious belief; thus endeavouring to become in reality what we profess to be, true and sincere Christians; for then indeed would this world become a paradise of peace.
“Some object to joining religion and politics together; but surely religion should be the ruling principle of every action and of every thought.

“With such an unerring guide how could we go wrong?
“The same golden rule that should regulate the conduct of private individuals, should direct the acts of public men; and with such direction no government could inflict the wrongs on a people which ours have endured, and found to be intolerable in 1798”

The reason why Mary Ann McCracken was such an outspoken critic of injustice was because she was a committed Christian.
All of Mary Ann McCracken’s principles were firmly rooted in the word of God.
Everything Mary Ann McCracken campaigned for in these areas of reform, she did for Jesus.
It is Jesus who is celebrated in all of Mary Ann’s achievements and in the social injustice that she campaigned against and brought to light.

I am convinced that it is Jesus whom Mary Ann would prefer us to remember and celebrate, not her.
I am convinced that it is Jesus whom Mary Ann would prefer us to make the focus of our praise and admiration, not her.

So, in response to the vast majority of media concerning the life and work and accomplishments of Mary Ann McCracken, I quote the word of God on her behalf:-

“So now, beloved ones, stand firm and secure.  Live your lives with an unshakable confidence.  We now that we prosper and excel in every season by serving the Lord, because we are assured that our union with the Lord makes our labour productive with fruit that endures. [1 Corinthians 15:58 – Passion translation]

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.  [1 Corinthians 15:58 – King James version]

Perhaps ‘Why?’ should be aimed at our media

Why, in the press and entertainment industries, is Jesus more frequently referred to as a cus word, than the blessing that Jesus truly is?
(Chatting with Rev Dr Alan McCann of Carrickfergus, he once told me how shocked he was when a young girl asked him why Jesus was named after a swear word!! It was the only context in which she had ever heard the name of Jesus spoken.)

The media purposefully delete references to Jesus where they can: they edit out references to Jesus that are given in interviews; they do not broadcast references to Jesus given by athletes, sports personalities, or celebrities.

  • But the media will enthuse at great length about evolution (apparently I’m related to pond slime!).
  • Abortion is discussed like it’s just another form of contraception.
  • Homosexual personalities appear to dominate prime-time television and radio broadcasting.
  • Murder, adultery, promiscuity, and revenge are perhaps the most common themes in mainstream entertainment.

Please realise that you are being conditioned by the media.

  • The media conditions people to conform and comply.
  • The media controls the news, and it can easily condition you to believe misinformation and lies.
  • The media has conditioned masses to live in fear by only reporting bad news.
  • The media condition people to accept and adopt ungodly behaviour and wickedness.

And the media is responsible for editing out the truth that Jesus was the real motivation that inspired the accomplishments and aspirations of Mary Ann McCracken.

That we should be blessed with more passionate believers like Mary Ann McCracken in our society today!

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