Prepare Yourself for China

China is a whole other planet (and you’re the alien). Hit the ground running with this essential know-how and friendly advice based on a decade of personal experience plus the hard-earned wisdom of dozens of veteran expats. Indispensable knowledge from the school of hard knocks, punctuated with real life anecdotes, this essential survival guide givesContinue reading “Prepare Yourself for China”

Alzheimer’s Timeline

Alzheimer’s Timeline is a layman’s study of dementia in the family chronicling date-by-date 13 years of steady decline, from the first noticeable symptoms of confusion, through to total mental and physical immobility. A candid narrative of how Alzheimer’s can affect the sufferer and the family, written in the simple language of a layman. Alzheimer’s TimelineContinue reading “Alzheimer’s Timeline”

Kircubbin (and hereabouts)

Insomniacs Rejoice!Yet to be listed among The New York Times Best Sellers’ Lists, ‘Kircubbin (and hereabouts)‘ is now officially the best-selling book of all time about Kircubbin (and hereabouts), with sales rocketing to almost half-a-dozen within days of publication. At the jaw-dropping price of just £5.25 ‘Kircubbin (and hereabouts)’ is not just an essential toiletContinue reading “Kircubbin (and hereabouts)”