none good, but one

As I write this, it is just a few hours since the 100th anniversary of the murder attempt of my natural father on July 11th, 1922.
Walking home alone along a remote country road late at night, he was shot at point-blank range by a waiting gunman.

a season of pride

Heading home from work in New York, I was walking the mile-or-so from West 46th Street across to Grand Central Terminal.  However, my journey was interrupted by a large crowd gathered at 5th Avenue because of a very noisy and flamboyant Gay Pride Carnival passing down its length as far as I could see in both directions.  And I have to admit, if ever there was pride in being LGBT or Q, this parade was shockingly, exuberantly, and boastfully so.

such a time

Ahasuerus was a weak king, easily led by cunning advisors;
And Haman was a cunning advisor to the weak king.
You could argue that things haven’t changed much across the millennia: that we have presidents and prime ministers who are not fit for office, but who are led to make decisions based on spurious information that only benefits those who provide it.

walking together

“Oh, that’s just the bit where you attached a tow rope to tow the car.” He explained, “But the only bit that got towed was that bit, the rest of the car just stayed behind!”

but if not

The challenges that the church is facing now is separating the wheat from the chaff; it is separating those who just admire Jesus from those who strive to follow him; it is separating those who would compromise and conform to the world from those who will stand and be persecuted for Christ’s sake.

conspiracy theologist

Do I believe in a conspiracy theory?
YES, I do!
I believe in the great conspiracy whose origins are clearly recorded in Genesis chapter 3 when man was deceived by the serpent, and everything went dreadfully wrong.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

pseudo faith

What we need very badly these days is a company of Christians who are prepared to trust God now as they know they must do at the last day. 

peace in persecution

If you are at the receiving end of pressure to get vaccinated, if you are being emotionally blackmailed by your family and friends and colleagues, if you are being banned or discriminated or persecuted: be blessed!

a form of godliness

If you are resisting pro-vaccine advice from your church leaders; if you are being pressurised, mocked, ridiculed, excluded: know that you are not alone.
Your vaccination is the blood of Jesus Christ.


To compromise my trust in God’s word and accept conformity to the world does not reflect the freedoms that Jesus won for us:
Rather, conforming to such things is living in bondage to the world.


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