Certified, or convicted?

There is nothing new under the sun. [Ecclesiastes 1:9] 250 AD, the Emperor Decius issued a decree demanding that everyone in the Roman Empire must perform a ritual sacrifice to the Roman gods.These sacrifices had to be witnessed by a Roman magistrate, who confirmed completion of the ritual with a certificate.(Only Jews were exempt from thisContinue reading “Certified, or convicted?”

God, and ice-cream

My friend Will at Glastry makes very good ice-cream.Perhaps once a month we buy a tub of Will’s ice-cream, and WHOOP it’s all gone within minutes in a delicious frenzy of over-indulgence! This week my Claire bought lots of ice-cream that filled a whole shelf of our freezer compartment.What is very interesting is that there is stillContinue reading “God, and ice-cream”

Asa and the vaccine

There are a lot of persuasive opinions regarding a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination across the population.Meditating on the debate about this vaccination issue, my mind is continually drawn to the reign of King Asa of Judah. The rise and fall of King Asa [2 Chronicles chapters 14-16] King Asa made a lot of positive changes asContinue reading “Asa and the vaccine”

Brexit NI !

Being Northern Irish used to be a bit of a disadvantage, one way or another.But being Northern Irish now means that I am a:- A full citizen of the United Kingdom A full citizen of the Republic of Ireland And consequently, a full citizen of the European Union. I find myself in a position ofContinue reading “Brexit NI !”

Thank God for 2020

Because of 2020 people have realised that there is nothing certain in this world.Because of 2020 people have realised that politicians and scientists do not have all the answers.Because of 2020 many people have realised that they have a big God-shaped hole in their life. It is better to trust in the Lord than putContinue reading “Thank God for 2020”

Believing in facemasks !

Should a Christian wear a facemask? Based on God’s word, the answer appears to be: Yes, and No! Some Christians are content just to be saved, or passively do 90-minutes of church on Sunday.But some Christians want more than just a salvation life-jacket.A passionate follower of Jesus may not be content to simply sit safelyContinue reading “Believing in facemasks !”

Ananias and Sapphira!

I’ve read some teaching about Acts 5:1-10 that argues that God killed Ananias and Sapphira because they lied.But such explanations contradict the New Testament message! This is what God’s word has revealed to me: At first reading of this sort series of events it appears that God strikes down Ananias and Sapphira because of theirContinue reading “Ananias and Sapphira!”

such a time as this?

“Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not” [Isaiah 6:9] [repeated in Matthew 13:14 and Mark 4:12 and Luke 8:10 and Acts 28:26] Government imposes social distancing;Jesus taught the laying on of hands. Government delivers messages that cause fear and hopelessness;Jesus delivered the true message of love and hope. GovernmentContinue reading “such a time as this?”

30-second CV

Typically, a busy recruiter will spend less than 30 seconds looking over your CV.You need a CV that reflects your professionalism, past performance, and potential value to a new employer. (Scroll down for tips to write your own CV) How can I help you?I have written over 1000 successful CVs for people all over theContinue reading “30-second CV”


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