Ananias and Sapphira!

I’ve read some teaching about Acts 5:1-10 that argues that God killed Ananias and Sapphira because they lied.But such explanations contradict the New Testament message! This is what God’s word has revealed to me: At first reading of this sort series of events it appears that God strikes down Ananias and Sapphira because of theirContinue reading “Ananias and Sapphira!”

such a time as this?

“Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not” [Isaiah 6:9] [repeated in Matthew 13:14 and Mark 4:12 and Luke 8:10 and Acts 28:26] Government imposes social distancing;Jesus taught the laying on of hands. Government delivers messages that cause fear and hopelessness;Jesus delivered the true message of love and hope. GovernmentContinue reading “such a time as this?”


您想学会一套行之有效并能帮您充分挖掘潜力,提升销售业绩的实战方法吗?您想让您的企业即使在激烈的市场竞争中,甚至价格高于竞争对手时,照样不愁销路吗?您想以最 小的投入来实现销量和利润成倍增长吗?您想破解当今最赢利企业的成功秘诀吗?您想避免犯可能导致巨大损失的低级错误吗?您是否正为生意难做,钱难赚而大伤脑筋呢? 如果您对上述任何一个问题的回答为“是”的话,那么我要告诉您的是,我能给您带来福音:正如千千万万和您一样的生意人,只要用我给您讲解的专业技巧,您也能轻而易举地获得您想要的成功。 我的独家课程讲述的是市场营销各个方面的重要内容,通过实践运用,能让您的销售额及利润成倍增长。 我的独家课程用最通俗易懂的语言编写,人人都能领会和掌握。 我的独家课程对所有您需要掌握的要点都有详尽的讲解,以及具体的操作步骤。 我的独家课程不仅融入了我个人毕生的经商经验,更是当今世界最富声望的营销专家们智慧的结晶。 我在所有课程中讲解的方法均经过实战验证,保证能让您的销量剧增。 每一篇课程都经过数千家企业无数次的实践检验,而且均取得了300%至800%的增长效果。 平装书的 Amazon:

Prepare Yourself for China

China is a whole other planet (and you’re the alien). Hit the ground running with this essential know-how and friendly advice based on a decade of personal experience plus the hard-earned wisdom of dozens of veteran expats. Indispensable knowledge from the school of hard knocks, punctuated with real life anecdotes, this essential survival guide givesContinue reading “Prepare Yourself for China”